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      +86 13601505283

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      As BMC & SMC are characteristic of high strength, good impact resistance, low shrink and good gloss, high fire resistance and low smoke density as well as dimensional stability, good repeatability, and fitness of batch production, they are applied in the field of transportation, especially in cars, trucks, machineshop truck, trains and metro. Specific applications mainly are cowl panel, bumper, fairing and oil pan of trucks; lights and protective support of cars; cab of machineshop trucks; bathroom, floor and compartment head plate of trains; seats and stands of subway trains.


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        Add: No. 3, Zhenglu Industry Zone, Wujin Dist., Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R.China 213000

        (+86) 0519-88738060

        +86 13601505283


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