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      BMC material forming pressure required

      Author: Source: Date:2018-01-26 09:40:16 Popularity:94

      Because of its good fluidity, BMC molding compounds do not require high pressures to fill the entire mold cavity. For the same component BMC molding compound, the molding pressure is mainly based on the complexity of the product, the nature of the product and other molding process conditions selected. For example, a pressure of 5 MPa is sufficient for pressing some simple-shaped products, while a more complex one for a boss or blind hole may require a higher pressure.  

      The type of mold also has an influence on the choice of pressure. Spill molds use less pressure than mold halves, whereas those used in non-overmolded molds (which are seldom used for BMC presses) require more pressure , Even several times higher. In addition, the molding of the surface quality requirements of high products, but also to use a higher molding pressure.

      For most BMC molded products, 3. 5-7 OMPa pressure is sufficient; but for overflow mold and the surface of the higher requirements of the product, and sometimes may need to use 14MPa molding pressure.

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