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      Phone Number

      +86 13601505283

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      SMC Insulating Plate

      SMC Insulating Plate

      SMC insulating plates are products made of sheet moulding compound through compression moulding and having different colors. They are featured by high mechanical strength, fire resistance and leakage resistance as well as arc resistance, high dielectric strength and voltage resistance, low water absorption and low warping degree, and applied to division plate, lining plate, insulating bearing, stand and arc-extinction plate of medium- and low-voltage switch cubicle as well as to various types of insulators, arc chutes, contact pedestal, and bus cleat. SMC material and its moulded products have excellent electric insulation property, mechanical capacity, thermal stability and chemical corrosion resistance.


      Size:1.22m X2.44m / 1m X 2m

      Color:white, light gray, red


      Add: No. 3, Zhenglu Industry Zone, Wujin Dist., Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R.China 213000

      (+86) 0519-88738060

      +86 13601505283



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