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      +86 13601505283

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      bathroom products

      bathroom products

      With constant transformation of building industry, the idea of Unit Bathroom has been widespread in hotels, hospitals, rapidly-built house and other fields, and bathroom plates pressed with SMC have also been adopted in increasing number of high-end residences, bringing new experience of bathroom decorations.

      In recent years, Zhenle has been expanding applications of raw materials on the basis of constantly improving raw materials quality and has successfully developed Unit Bathroom plate series products. The company fully meets special requirements of customers on sizes of independently-developed bathroom plate moulds. We provide unique customized solutions and complete your requirements from mould development to finished products delivery in a professional manner.

      Click the corresponding product name below to see the detailed product introduction and technical parameters:


      Add: No. 3, Zhenglu Industry Zone, Wujin Dist., Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R.China 213000

      (+86) 0519-88738060

      +86 13601505283



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